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It is like Ubik showing up in the trash layer. The battle is taking place in the lowest realm; the divine power is on the offensive. It is evident from my anamnesis that I was active in this battle, but now I am out of that realm: gone to my reward, so to speak.
If I won I won due to divine aid + not on my own. I think the idea was for me to win before being removed. After all, it is a battle going on; the object is to win, not to get the Xtian agents out. I know perfectly well that I dealt somebody a mortal blow when I turned the Xerox missive over to the Bureau.
+ the whole thing about purgatory is that you do get out of it finally + are taken up to paradise. So you could virtually describe my situation before 3-74 functionally as purgatory.
There is no doubt in my mind: I was moved up through the realms, from one level where one set of rules (laws) applied to another higher one with a different set of laws: milder, easier, less restrictive laws. + my personality + memory altered to accomodate it.
If I saw God while I was alive, then God is immanent (as Spinoza supposed) + not transcendent; but suppose I'm not in the real world, not alive, but in the afterlife, in which case God can be transcendent + otherworldly because I am on that side of the grave. Not this. + I've worked my way up from "Tears" or inferno to purgatorio and then to the

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I had to guess most of the first words in each line. There are other words I transcribed but that I'm not sure if they are correct (specially on the last two paragraphs).

Unteleported Man

I added the missing words in the last paragraphs, and did some other small editing, based on how the text looked to me.