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It is as if once you intersect one of these worlds you always were there; nonetheless there is an enormous subjective disruption.
Two things occur to me. (1) My visualizing the Bible in 3-D: layers according to age (time as spacial axis), + relating this to the plasmate.
(2) Jung's idea of ideas in the mind colliding + forming one mega-idea, through a random basis (process). Well, in 2-74, when I saw the Golden Fish sign, I flashed on the idea that (1) a secret Xtian underground existed now; + (2) therefore now was the time of Acts. As a result I saw another world ("Tears") briefly. But then it broke through for real the next month. Suppose our reality is visualized as ideas floating about in the mind of God + every now + then 2 of them colliding - as with me in 2-74. The result of this collision was that the universe became palpable to me as information (set) to carrier (ground); I may have been seeing reality as it really is: ideas so-to-speak floating, but in pages or leaves as if a book - like transparencies in a hologram + each successive "page" or world (we experience them as worlds) has its own laws or rules, + are hierarchically arranged, in terms of richness (which factors out, in our terms as freedom; i.e. greater complexity or diversity or sophistication).

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