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Reading the "Commedia" - another parallel to 3-74: the top level of purgatorio where Dante hears Mathilde + sees Lethe + Eunoe is the Garden of Eden. So I heard, well - let' start with Eunoe or Mnemosyne: I "drank" from it, heard Mathilde singing, was led by the AI voice (Beatrice), dreamed of cyclopes + Sibyl + Blessed Fields (referring to Virgil, obviously), + found myself in the Garden of Eden, the Peaceful Kingdom. + saw Valis + the plasmate, i.e. the next level up which is paradiso, i.e. saw God (entered the postmortem realm - i.e. left this realm upon right choosing). Thus I count 8 elements pointing to my passing from purgatorio to paradiso (this is all very orphic + neoplatonist). Oh, 9: remembrance of "Tears" (inferno)!
This is too many coincidences to be dismissed. Wait - I wasn't already at the top level - the Garden; I entered it.
Ulna. From Virgil.
+ Beatrice represents heavenly wisdom - i.e. St. Sophia.
The strange thing is, I've noted the elements from my own writing in 2-3-74, but even more dramatic + perplexing is the Virgil-Dante material. All I can assume is that, as Pythagoras said, we are in a kind of prison, + some sort of release + ascent back up + out is possible through metapsychosis. For me a quantum leap took place during a life time: an enlightenment like that of the Buddha. But it suggests that we are dead + in purgatory (for bad Karma acquired in one or several past lives). + what is most significant is that my 3-74

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