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The 2 Gods of Gnosticism; the churches worship the wrong God; i.e. Satan.
But there is another outside church forming which worships the right God, but has no buildings. It is forming in conjunction with the second coming which is here. They -those outside distinguished by their gift giving -massive gifts- have the saving Gnosis. This is a matter of gravity; it is very serious: the head-on confrontation between the followers of the good God + the evil one: Satan.
This is the final battle between God + Satan. Those who worshipped the true God were forced out of the church. It is not merely that the establishment church lacks the true Gnosis; no - it worships Satan + draws its power, a very great power, directly from Satan.
My having money is because God (the true God) is now heaping riches on his faithful, which they will give away, thus showing -revealing- their true nature: as his faithful.
Satan has given psi powers to the evil church, as warned about in the N.T.
I am in a maze, surrounded by the power of Satan + his church (we all are), but the AI voice will lead me out. This is why I have the AI voice;
The pages in the old book dealing with the satanic takeover + rites of the establishment church were deliberately torn out - to keep those matters secret.
So the strident radio - it really was evil.
My offering my car was a test -by God- of them + of me. It revealed them as satanic + me as one of God's children/faithful, since he is stimulating his faithful to give massively in this, the last days. The final confrontation.

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