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I put my theoretical acosmism, all the wisdom of my books, + put it to work starting in 2-3-74 + (upon what I unconsciously learned from 2-3-74) esp. after that.
The Waveries. Living info which dialectic permutates; as in the Le Guin book, our dreaming makes it so.
3-74: simply, you ordinarily (99.99+ percent of the time) simply lack the memory capability to remember things were just now different, because each difference lasts only the nanonsecond of the dialectic of each form axis (i.e. bit of information!!!), of which our world at each nanosecond is the composite total. (It's as if "3-74s" occur all the time -we generate them- but we never remember. 3-74 was anamnesis!
All we remember is sustains, but right now the sustain of rationality is interrupted by irrationality, + I've remembered well enough to spot it, + take advantage of it. 2-74: memory of previous "frame."
We don't remember well enough due to physical limitations, + this puzzles us (we know something's wrong) + we try to come up with theories. These theories, being false, "are" the "impairment" I saw; the fucked upness of the theories. Simply, we lay down [...]

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