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"+ it's still there." 3-74 was not supernatural revelation. Apotheosis or enthousiasmos. It was normal sight, unoccluded sight (hence, "I am no longer blind!" This tells it all.). What we normally experience is the debased fragmented, partial view; we do not see what is there. Thus 3-74 represented man's normal, healthy, natural state: it is a human, not divine, state. Plotinus + Heidegger indicate that the fall came after Parmenides + before Aristotle. It was the whole point of Plato's great edifice of metaphysics to arrest this fall, to reach some accommodation between the old view -that of the Eleatics- + the new view, that of the atomists. He took from both. Plato, then, is the great last bastion of unfallen western man; in which case anamnesis + noesis is the road back, the reascent up from the truly fallen state, as Plato well knew. Noesis + anamnesis arrested + even reversed the Fall; thus the heroism + magnitude + ability -+ importance!- of Plato's metaphysics beggars description. From noesis + anamnesis one can make one's way back to the unity that is kosmos - Plotinus' one. In a very real sense Plato was the last rational man in Western history, in that his knowledge of world was primarily intelligible, not sensible. + now, 2300 years later, the reversal

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