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of the Fall begins...not back to Plato but all the way back to kosmos, to unity itself. Hence it can be such that the Messianic prophecies by the AI voice pertain to this great impending transformation: "St Sophia is going to be born again" refers to the return of Logos into the world that it was excluded from, as Heidegger points out, after Parmenides. St Sophia's return implies an historic shift in general, not (perhaps) a savior figure as Jesus was: it refers to an epoch: the age of Gold itself. The Gnostic categories of alienation, estrangement, + Geworfenheit will be reversed + man will be again at home: moored: Heidegger's authentic Sein in which noein + einai are one + the same. Man regains Logos.
My 2-74 to 2-75 experience is paradigmatic, what I called "justification" in my letter to Isa is more: it is the new age - that is, it is something not seen since Parmenides, + totally unexpected by Xtianity. In a sense it is the return of the original Greek world + experience of world (that Heidegger speaks of) - breaking through, breaking into this world as, in 2-3-74, the world of Acts broke into USA 1974 for me. That was

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