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precisely what I saw: the ancient world invade our modern world, as if a titanic time-dysfunction had occurred. What I have been calling "Zagreus" is the spirit of Greece itself, like a time-capsule finally released - which, oddly, very closely resembles the Steigers' theory! If this all is the case, much of the Jungian archetypal mythological material in "Valis" is quite literal + valid. This may yet turn out (like the enlightenment) to be in fact a revolution by secret societies possessing the wisdom of the ancient world; I am saying, this vast epochal transformation may be calculatedly engineered as the final stage of a series of restorations of what has been lost in + as the Fall.
This would explain, then, the AI voice, my tutelary spirit. + it would explain "Tears" + "BTA." Engineered restoration by secret societies; I mean of course the R.C. brotherhood. Dio!
Not just atomized but unheimlich as well!
Perhaps the meta-abstraction represents the reasoning function elevated to true noein rejoined to einai, as Heidegger speaks of: Knowing that has become one's Being, which would be, then, another kind of knowing entirely: elevated to a totally new level.
Is "the true cosmos that's still here" the 180 degree other coaxial reality? After all, this is what I saw in 2-3-74. Then the meta-

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