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is far superior. Our world, being atomized (based on the discontinuous matter model) is not a unitary structure at all but is atomized, hence far less real (v. Plotinus). Hence the leap from our atomized world to the coaxial cosmos is for Plotinus reascent by the soul.
So in our world a given object or event will play one role, but in the "coaxial" cosmos -within its structures- that same object or event will play another role (or can play another role) entirely. The point is: Hierarchy. Within the coaxial cosmos-structure, everything is arranged in a hierarchical way that has no counterpart in our non-cosmos world. There is no telling, then, what some small act of cruelty or kindness here may, in cosmos, signify, because surely its hierarchy is primarily one of aesthetic + moral value.
Well, well. Lying there with the stomach flu I suddenly realize how this cosmos -latent cosmos, as it were- finally accounts for this baffling space-time sharing coaxiality -+ of course 2-3-74- + also it sheds light on the original meta-abstraction, which I now construe as a Gestalting on my part pertaining directly to cosmos, + cosmos here + now: world within world, because one world is not structured into a unity whereas the other is. Obviously the true worlds could + in fact would be based on the same constituents. Plotinus has already shown how this works. Therefore I can now happily account for the ontological primacy of what I have been calling the "Acts" or "Tears" world, over the one we see, the ostensible one.

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