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image exists at every point (locus) in the hologram, intact. In that case, "here" + "there" + "large" + "small" signify nothing in terms of the hologram. Clearly we are dealing with images + this was Plato's whole point regarding particulars, the instantiations of the unitary + eternal forms. Thus my reasoning seems to have led me back to Platonist metaphysics once more. In fact I seem to have independently of Plato discovered through a combination of reasoning + intelligible observation of world, that what we see must of necessity be plural images (in each case) of one unitary + eternal Form that is itself outside of time + space + in no way is diminished by reason of these images. The images appear when + where they are appropriate, but the Form itself is nowhere + at no time although paradoxically ubiquitous potentially in terms of its ability to produce an image of itself. That is, a given form can be retrieved as an image anywhere + at any time; the Form is ubiquitously available as source + model. Clearly, then, it itself is neither in space nor time nor subject to change + causation.

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