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board game, the ultimate board game! However, as intellectually stimulating as the theory might be - however thrilling the prospect of the contest between "us who know" (ie Minds) + "that which defeats Being Known" (ie the world-maze with its quasi-mind), in practice we immediately + totally succumbed. If a principle were dredged up it would be:

Mind, confronted by the impossible-to-know, loses, however great its capacity, efforts + resources (in our hubris we deemed the truth of this).

So God must rescue us. Hence Zebra.

IF the purpose of this exegesis is to develop an overview in which my (3-74) experience (+ by extension the Kerygma of my writing) makes sense, I may (due to Pat Warrick's help) have succeeded. What I could most seek (hope for) would be a cosmogony + cosomology in which Zebra was not just possible but necessary. This has required me to reach for Gnostic acosmism, cybernetics, info theory, +, most of all, to exegete the 3-74 revelation (Gnosis) itself as the court of last appeal (ie the AI voice + what it has told me). It has also required a lot of hard reading (inc. my own writing) + disciplined thought. I wind up with the notion of an irreal Maze world which we created + then got caught in, + are being extricated from by God through a reversal of the primordial ontological ignorance (ie by equally ontological knowledge - revealed knowledge, + the revealor, Zebra which amounts to an invasion by God - or ultimate + real Noos - into this calculatedly inexplicable irreal world which half-consciously thwarts the hopes + expectations of all life by the introduction of the anti-expected.

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PKD hypothesizes the potential meaning of his "Exegesis," that the "Exegesis" could be the "ultimate board game."