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My God, this is seizing fate by the throat; what is abolished is that which we know of as "fate" - i.e. a closed system moving ahead due to efficient cause: the total antecedent past (closed system into which nothing new can come; where could it come from? Then when I saw Valis it was the future causing a "perturbation in the reality field" - the source would be the future which by definition in contradistinction to the past lies outside of reality, because what we call "reality" is the point-summation of the total past, as it progresses forward along the linear time axis.
Were the future to affect the past in/as a feedback loop, Valis is what you would see! I.e. pretextual cause, which is efficient cause overwhelmed (teleologically, as it were): rendered at that time + at that place merely pretextual, not a normal state; hence: perturbation (abnormality). + all this winds up expressed correctly + fundamentally as info + as events influenced (changed) by an influx of info - i.e. increased negentropy, or, if you will, added energy: from outside, hence an "assimilation" of energy into a system that otherwise is running down (me).
It seems to me more likely that the feedback loop was inner-outer,

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