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[illustrations, in the first one the arrows go from 1 to 3, in the second from 3 to 1]
Correct (restored) sequence:
1) God as information about -the basis of- world - i.e. God the creator -- 2) Man -- 3) World as spatiotemporal physical construct
Incorrect (fallen) sequence:
1) Man -- 2) Physical spatiotemporal world -- 3) God concealed by world from man, which is the Gnostic appraisal of the situation qua Fall

In the correct (unfallen) sequence, it is as if man is himself "protest art" inserting itself between God (the official message / instructions) + world (the recipient / audience / receiver) + can modify it or abort it. Thus the info basis of world has lost its enslaving power over man because it has been severed from world by the intervention of man himself in the role of Soten! Man is in a position to keep instructions from world, instructions that would doom him; thus world now ceases to compel + enslave man as Fate/Karma.
Then what I saw in 3-74 (set to ground) was God pulling apart from world. God as set; world as ground. God as plasmate.

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