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reality. I.e. being taught implies a teacher. But I think it's more than just taught; control or programming or management of us by it (Zebra) is involved. It has the power to arrange (join) objects (words) into subliminal messages + the mind to know what to convey. But why? For what purpose? V. "Ubik."

Conclusion: all around us exists, mimicking normal "dead" objects and processes is an intelligent arranging entity, informing us subliminally at the very least -- and possibly -- in fact almost certainly -- controlling us. Is this the "astral" determinism or the wardens or archons or angels of this cosmos who Christ saves (frees) us from? As Paul writes, Christ is replacing this "Law" or power (fate) over us by his dominion. Zebra is Christ, but there was a blind controlling mechanism which I experienced him combatting and overcoming (it as reflex response to stimuli) re the Xerox missive. So I conclude that the informing messages free us, rather than imprison; they teach us salvific Gnosis, invisibly.


I am led to the inescapable conclusion that, totally unknowingly, we are all constituents of a vast living organism, and that everything which occurs in it, our reality, happens due to its deliberate intention -- that of its own brain, Noos or psyche -- and, further, this vast living organism which governs and regulates our every move and experience resembles an AI system or computer, and that under certain exceptional circumstances it can and does speak to one or more of us, its members -- Finally, the organism -- or this part of it -- is in trouble -- has its "hand in a steel trap," as Jeter put it, and is extricating its members, ie us. {{20}} We must have partially fallen out of the organism -- or maybe it actually has -- like a great animal -- been snared by a titanic iron trap! It is in trouble. And is reclaimed, repairing, itself. It is, in the final analysis, a magnamind as well as a magna-organism, and it is -- has been for some time -- in trouble. We are the distressed fraction, member, circuit or element, or organ, part or unit.

Most likely of all. It is a self-repairing AI mind system, and this repair activity (known historically to us as "salvation") has to do with (ah!) reactivating a subsection (ie us) which has fallen below the message-transfer level (known to us, as the Essene {{terms}}, as "falling into forgetfulness and ignorance"). We are a memory coil, presently inoperative -- ie malfunctioning: asleep, and, as in a quasi-dream, we are not where [and when?] we think we are. (Cf "Maze" and "Ubik") This is the heart of the matter; we are an impaired section of the megamind; we misperceive. That which we see -- our reality -- does not exist. I am acosmic in viewing this; as in "Maze" we collectively hallucinate. The megamind is attempting to stimulate us back to being in touch with itself. Which is the "other slice of bread," ie back to consciousness of it and ourselves as parts of it -- which will, when successfully achieved, abolish this false world, where upon it will be instantly replaced by the divine "abyss." {{a term from Jacob Boehme, proving, by the way, that when he later in the same folder says he accidentally read the Boehme entry in the EB, at that later point, he actually was already familiar with Boehme and had been reading about him earlier.}}

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