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My 4-pronged deformation of man puts the final indubible stamp of Gnosticism on the entire corpus of not just my writing but my thought, as expressed in this exegesis. It is one of the 3 bases of Gnosticism: 1) ignorance; 2) salvific secret revealed knowledge as the ontological reversal of ignorance; 3) acosmism. + of course 4) this world disclosed as a prison - which we are deliberately occluded to by the creator.
Where do my system-revelation + Gnosticism differ? In no respect. They are congruent; I made them so when I saw in "Scanner" the missing ingredient (ontological ignorance, + the purpose -+ cause- thereof).
Maybe I was right after all - Thomas is Simon + he is still alive in me but still living in the time + place of Acts. Thomas remembered Christ as having just died, + about to return. Simon was an Xtian, of the time of Acts, which Thomas was. Thomas absolutely isn't Christ, but an Xtian of the time of Acts - vide "Tears," with Felix the procurator, not Pilate. That dates it. + Simon was the founder of Gnosticism - + my writing is absolutely Gnostics, + of the time of Acts; how many Gnostics Xtians were there during Felix's tenure? Felix lost tenure during the time of Acts!
In 2-3/74 it wasn't just me who remembered + knew; it (I) was God - the Ground of Being itself - coming to its senses, knowing itself, resuming its divine identity, restored to itself after sinking into ignorance (deformation).

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