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What Good does it do to kill everyone who has melded with the spirit if Zebra can roll back time to the period of "Acts" before the true, spirit-filled Christians were killed? Perhaps it can be counted a miracle of God rather than a defect in creative power by Yin that the intervening 2000 years are [made] irreal, since, if they are irreal, Pentecost is restored to the present and nothing is lost. In any case, the evil entity and counterfeit world are connected in my writing.
Also, one could see why someone today seized on by the spirit would be returned to Pentecost and the world of "Acts." That was when the spirit first descended onto the 12. In a sense, then, the 12 would be restored to life.
The true deity has reasserted itself in the overthrowing of the American government. Perhaps one of the reasons for its victory is that the evil powers did not understand what they were up against, sincerely believing that they had destroyed -not just banished- the Light. Especially since the Light re-entered by "trash" routes. They did not recognize it even when confronted by it. That was its intention. Since the evil one posed as the solemn, the dignified, the noble, the true God took on all the despised and rejected and Looked-down-on forms. (cf the messages in "UBIK" and the Last one, where its cheap and vulgar mask is thrown off to disclose its true nature.) Wind, blowing through the dry weeds... tracing a path: the abyss, the sacred void. Silent and invisible, like electricity. "The answer is blowing in the wind."
It's like that dream I had in Canada where Kathy said, "Now you can know the point to all this concealment and acting." And everyone took off their masks. I knew then that someday I'd understand, and so it comes to be.
It certainly is evident from all this why Zebra would be recontouring causal train outcomes. That's why it is here. To be here and not do that makes no sense. By this it is obvious how and where Spinoza erred is stating that a "miracle would be a sign of God's weakness."

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