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"Kingdom of God" or "of the spirit." It's not something future, it is really here now. The savior is here now, in a Cosmic Body. I saw him. Why isn't this exoterically revealed? Why is it kept for the few? It is so kept, the voice told me so:

"One by one he is changing us out of this world." "You are not to tell that you're a secret Xtian."

& how do my novels fit into this? They, esp. the three Bantam novels, seem to depict the situation: false world imposed over real world -- & we are stationary, not in space-time.

We're in a condition, not a world. Some of us are taken out as a fulfillment, a culmination of a long process which burns up the occlusion. We were never really here & apart from God; it was a spurious world, like a spell, like wizardry.

We are like ripening fruit, or grain, or crops, or a flock growing to maturity. But only a few get picked (selected) -- & then the masks come off & we see the truth. What are we really? Only the metaphors of the parables express it. The disciples are still alive because no time has passed -- time: an illusion imposed on us, like world.

We have no concepts or language to express what we really are & where we really are.

"Homoplasmate" expresses the successful goal of our growth. Crossbonding - we are being grown in a stationary fashion, &, when ripe, are crossbonded with a plasmate, & the illusion removed, our lives as humans

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