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Ground of Being - that which all "reality" is based on. "Reality" does not seem real to be because I compare it to him, + to me, only he is truly real. This is God, even the O.T. God. I am not so much acosmic as revealed-to (i.e. PKD).


Voice: "In my anarchy + rebellion I rose up against God." (1)


Voice: "Zebra blood. It is mix with our blood."


PKD: "Zebra, who are you?"

Voice: "I am God." (force throws PKD back)

PKD: "Why do you speak to me only late at night, at 3:00 AM?"

Voice: "The Heaviside layer." (force throws PKD back)

PKD: "Why did you choose me?"

Voice: (silence) -


There is on this planet an evil power which has tremendous control over us; hence by occluding us off from perceiving Zebra, Zebra prevents the evil power from being aware of it - i.e. of Zebra. At this point by + large we can't be untangled from the evil power; it's in us. It has us.

(1) I can't help it if my conclusions agree with orthodoxy; Zebra occludes us because we rebelled against God. I am led unescapably to the conclusion that 1) Zebra occluded us + 2) Zebra is God.

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