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our real goal. I "remembered" (ahead) getting out of the maze - this world- finally - i.e. after time present lifetime. Which is a return to my pre-maze condition in the pleroma or upper realm: The sole link with which is Zebra. Zebra is God; the abyss is the Godhead or true ground of being or ultimate Noos. There seems to be a difference. Zebra is God as Being, but the abyss is non-Being, The Void.

My personal escape may be due to intellectual reasons, since our fall was originally an intellectual error, so to speak, a test we were running to see if our world was convincing. We were playing with fire, as the saying goes - seeing if we could construct an ideal world (counterfeit) which would fool even its fabricators: The supreme test. Our nemesis was to be successful + hence, by definition, fall victim to it. This shows up in "Stigmata" in the taking of Eldritch's drug, + in "Maze in plugging voluntarily into the polyencephalic fusion. (But the "Persus 9" on their arms served to remind them.)

In "Maze" they ask the tench what the words "Persus 9" mean, + the tench blows up, revealing itself to be - not an organism, but an electronic computer - + then the whole landscape comes apart. This was their pre-arranged bailout route. Eventually they were bound to hit on it. + finally the building itself (Walhalla) disintegrates, + they all grow old - i.e. the Gods grow old ! They are Gods!

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