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entity 1) entered the maze voluntarily knowing what was in store for us; or 2) take the risk - + so it came to pass. A certain hubris is evident in our act: our conviction that in matching wits with our creation we would win. We may have overestimated our abilities, but: these are the same abilities by which we built the maze in the first place, so it would seem reasonable. This may have indeed been an anarchy & rebellion, a rising up against God - but the punishment was self-inflicted, in the final analysis, & Zebra may not be a failsafe device of our own devising but the vox dei itself, mercifully extricating us (this is a more orthodox view) seeing what a plight we had created for ourselves. God mercifully sent aid into this our false world. Aid, so to speak, followed after us.

The servant became the master, but God supplied the talking horse's head to advise us cryptically as to the path out. The question as to whether we created & supplied the "talking horse's head" which I call Zebra depends on the extent to which our original unfallen nature can be equated with God's. Via anamnesis I have reason to equate them fully.

The crossbonding with the plasmate is the moment when the persons "doomed" to salvation are finally released from the maze by knowledge which reverses the original intellectual error (or taking this world for real) & restores the original free condition, instead of the imprisoned servant-to-the-maze-as-master role. The plasmate comes from outside the irreal maze & appears to be the life (energy) of the Macrobrain; i.e. it is real & crossbonds with what is real but buried & asleep in the human, the part that originally was.

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