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debased + impaired condition. + God has dispatched a savior to restore us. But the Gnostics are right in (1) their acosmism; + (2) in saying that the true God did not create this world, + that this world is irreal. However, the Gnostics (esp.those identified with Mani) are wrong in seeing this world as evil (it is only irrational), + us as victims of it; in truth, we are victims, but also the creators of it (cf "Maze of Death"). + the "James-James" demiurge is not the creator of it but merely its quasi-mind or what Plato called the [irrational] world soul, by which it alters itself in the "look differents" calculated to cause us to infer the flow of time (what ever that might mean), the purpose of which is to prolong our stay here (via our inaccessible perception of duration) --> {lemniscate/infinity symbol}.

The reading over the above, point (1) that we overestimate our ability to cope with our own creation, the Maze. Is in the final analysis, an inability to cope with the Quasi-mind of the Maze. We as Gods sired the insane wizard well-depicted by the Gnostics as YaldaBaoth, + found ourselves pitted against it - it, which we had programmed to deceive, to promote anti-eidos + defeat knowledge. I guess we imagined it would be an interesting intellectual challenge: Could it defeat knowledge faster than we could fabricate knowledge? The contours of a vast puzzle-game became evident. Here, with exciting intellectual implications: it resembles a

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