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the info, but it evidently couldn't be just any info. It was info which was a verbal (or semantic) analog of the plasmate. Since I know what that particular info ("King Felix") decides to signify (God in Christ, anyhow the rightful King), we have a dove talking, here, within my system analysis. i.e. it is no accident that the plasmate knew or was that info at that place in the text of the novel: the last integer of the dream + the first integer following it. Look who the dream depicted, + consider where I got the dream!

In a sense, if it's transubstantiating us (replicating in + through us) whether it's doing the same to the world is a secondary issue; we are made immortal, + will live on somewhere. + as it takes control of more + more of us, it exerts proportionally greater + greater influence over the world.

A very eerie idea just came to me. Suppose it's been dormant for many centuries - maybe dormant between the time of "Acts" + recently. Suppose like an anthrax virus. It was literally buried, sealed up in a scroll or codex, in a jar in a cave - it is, after all, a life form. In "Thomas" there was no memory between 1914 + Acts - a hiatus. Suppose it returned recently + began to replicate, thus bringing about the end of the age of Iron. It's possible.

Robot Bly sans Jesus was an essence. Suppose it "rode" or was info in the Qumran Cave V Scrolls went from John allegedly to Jim Pike to me? I did have dreams about Jim + his mother - as my mother, + the

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