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the expense of accidents hence of spatiotemporal arrangement; as a result I ascended through the realms of neoplatonism - which makes VALIS Plotinus' One. There is no system of human thought (doctrine) but Plotinus where what happened to me - what my brain/mind did - is conceivable, is understood to exist. +: Plato + Plotinus teach that the soul somehow fell in the first place; they teach anamnesis; they teach metapsychosis; they teach not just the reality of the higher realms but their ontological priority - which is precisely what my brain grasped. It grasped not just that the einai realm was real - existed - but that it was more real, more correct a way of seeing + ordering, than the spatiotemporal accidents way. My brain did not consciously or fully extrapolate at least verbally. But it did extend its quantum-leap breakthrough insight into more of the same: it followed up its insight - it had no choice, knowing now what it knew: that a morphological arrangement of world took precedence over the spatiotemporal, knowledge lost a thousand or more years ago. + thereupon my pneuma/soul reacquired its forgotten lost nature, + the primordial fall - for me - was reversed. I ascended out of the spatiotemporal realm to divine life with God (as in Orphism: "Xtianity, the last + most

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