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time has passed." No time has passed, +, moreover, all change since Acts has to do only with accidents, not substance. Reticulation + arborizing in a memory system; the real world, having been destroyed, exists only in God's memory, + this world remembered is Acts; + all changes since have been mere reticulation + arborizing as elaborations of a freeze frame. Hence time is not real + space is not real. The real world is morphologically arranged, + that world is Acts as dynamic but in essence changeless - exploded through the simulated space + time we experience. Acts is real: the last true essence "frame" of history.
+ as to Christ: he is here as the cosmic Christ invisible to us, "camouflaged" in our landscape; he is Valis-Ubik, + speaks to us: "wachet auf!" He is the messenger.

God preserves the real world in his memory (Acts). Thomas is alive now, at the time of Acts, an apostolic Xtian. The imperial church is Satan's creation. His angels surround us in a ring, keeping out reality; but messages are smuggled through (sic! "through"!) to us by the messenger from God. The divine counter-strategy (contra this irreal world) is to - deocclude us + wake us to our actual state (which may be postmortem). To break the power [...] world has over us. We are dead. Entropy. "Ubik".

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