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spatiotemporal world by revealing time + space as irreal, (2) the morphologically-arranged realm as (A) existing + (B) as real; + (3) the morphologically arranged realm of the eide is exploded through time + space like Dante says of God in the final canto of the Commedia: the Book of the Universe; + most important of all (4) the soul, too, as an eidos (immortal + divine) has fallen into the spatiotemporal irreality + hence is splintered + forgetful. Anamnesis abolishes the rule of the spatiotemporal world over the soul, + the soul re-collects itself + reverses the fall through what it knows (remembers); thus it regains divine immortality; + this anamnesis is -has to be- triggered off by the person seeing something in the spatiotemporal world that is a manifestation of an exploded eidos or connects two space-time continua + therefore serves the same purpose.
What, though, is the enthusiasmos? I experienced it due to anamnesis! It happened to me! What is it really? "Christ as the Paraclete took me over" - i.e. Zagreus. But - what did happen? Something took me over + it remembered back 1000s of years. A God? No; the imploded restored soul that in the spatiotemporal world is splintered up (fallen, forgetful) over 1000s of years + miles: many places, many times.

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