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I saw my little saint statue grow grape vines, + heard either Erasmus the greatest Greek/Biblical scholar of the humanists or it was Dionysos.
The Joy God. Look how I ended my U.K. speech with that verse of Pindar.
Underlying "Tears" there is more than Acts; there is also "the Bacchae" + I have known this all along: the King of Tears destroyed by the stranger - the prison burst!
+ Hoffman's theory that LSD was used in the Greater Mysteries - + John Allegro's mushroom theory about early Xtianity.
Divine Joy - intoxication: permits you to see the truth: spatiotemporal world (i.e. the prison) destroyed.
When I saw the second signal, the plasmate, etc in (3-74) I was intoxicated, not by LSD - it wasn't a flash-back - but by
Camouflaged nature God - life form - Valis
Everything must be read backward. Ecstasy is sanity. Sobriety is madness. It is the King of Tears who is insane.
I'll tell you who stole the secret, smuggled it past the angels + placed it in one's - i.e. our - hands:
He who we know of as Dionysos to Zagreus to Orpheus to Christ to the Paraclete where it then peters out.

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