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So I am saying that Indian thought is wrong when it assigns to cause to maya; I say, with Zoroaster, "There is a magician." This is Zoroastrianism --and Mani and Gnosticism-- blended with Indian thought about maya and karma. With Christ viewed as the one who wakes us, who causes us to remember. Then it is not accident that it was the Christian fish sign that caused me to remember, to cease to forget. That is what it is supposed to do ... counteract the Lie (the delusion). So I combine Indian doctrines of maya with the Judo-Christian etc. idea of the Fall. I say, we fell into Satan's world which is irreal, a "spurious interpolation." Yet God is using Satan, through enantiodromia. Countering him. Reversing him. Here, within this very domain; the good that occurs in this domain (through enantiodromia) is placed into the macrometasomakosmos. Evil is concerted into good by enantiodromia and then inserted into the macrometasomakosmos.
The theories about the Fall must be revised; an intellectual error, not moral error, must be presumed. One can almost --almost-- view Satan's activity as a high technology in which the simulation of a world order is achieved. This element of maya or dokos has interested thinkers in India and Greece, but with Christianity and Gnosticism comes a really penetrating analysis between the two elements of world and Satan, with the theme of epistemology running through Gnosticism -- which is why I can't abandon it. We fell asleep because we were induced into falling asleep; the spurious world had to be there for us to take it as real; we ourselves don't generate it... unless it's a maze that we ourselves built and then fell into (which always remains a possibility).
Probably the wisest view is to say: the truth --like the Self-is splintered up over thousands of miles and years; bits are found here and there, then and now, and must be re-collected; bits appear in the Greek naturalists, in Pythagoras, in Plato, Parmenides, in Heraclitus, Neo-Platonism, Zoroastrianism, Gnosticism, Taoism, Mani, Gnosticism, orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Orphism, the other mystery religions. Each religion or philosophy or philosopher contains one or more bits, but the total system interweaves it into falsity, so each as a total system must be rejected, and none is to be accepted at the expense of all the others (e.g. "I am a Christian" or "I follow Mani"). This alone, in itself, is a fascinating thought: here in our spatiotemporal world we have the truth but it is splintered --exploded like the eide-- over thousands of years and thousands of miles and (as I say) but be recollected, as the Self or Soul or eidos must be. This is my task.

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