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If the eide are exploded through the spatiotemporal realm, so must be Nous: disintegrated here in realm #4; but if the percipient ascends from realm #4 he may see Nous re-collected, reintegrated and hence unitary, as it actually is (what I am saying is that the eide are not actually exploded; they are exploded in terms of the spatiotemporal realm, if my meaning is clear; since realm #4 is illusory, the explosion, the splintering, is illusory. And if this is true of the eide, the Forms, this also is true of Nous: our false categories of ordering, of arranging, time and space, explode and splinter the eide; and they explode and splinter Nous; but this is not really the case. This is why it is correct to say that our realm #4 and its spatiotemporal ordering are irreal. If they were real, then the eide and Nous would in actuality be exploded and splintered; but they are not. To see Nous integrated is not for Nous to reintegrate, but to be seen as it is and always is.
This was what I saw that I called Valis: Nous reintegrated in terms of my perception of it: re-collected.
Nous exploded (here in realm #4) is Nous banalized, as in the chapter headings in UBIK; Nous re-collected is as Ubik appears in the heading of the final chapter, no longer banalized, trivialized, debased into rubbish. This banalization is a measure of the Fall of this realm; and again it illustrates what I have remarked on: that things do not appear in this realm #4 as what they really are, that finally Christ will bring about what I call "the great reversal," whereupon we will no longer see Nous (God) banalized and exploded, but, as if reversed, sacred and a unity: as it really is. Meanwhile, here, with things appearing in reverse to what their essence is, Nous is obscured; veiled.


But whereas a given eidos is finite in realm #4 --it only enters at certain places and certain times; i.e. is printed out at one place and time but not another-- Nous is ubiquitious. Therefore if it chooses to so-to-speak drop its mask and reverse appearances in realm #4 (enantiodromia) it is in everything at every time; it is infinite (cf Xenophanes). Or, put another way, it can be anything or any constellation of things and their processes at any place and any time. It is not quenched, quelled or subdued by realm #4, unless it (Nous) refrains from asserting itself deliberately. (But this would seem to point to it deliberately refraining from manifesting itself to us; this

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