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Is the secret connected with time + the reversal of time? Cosmic resorption? I am right in my writing: reality is a series of Chinese boxes, a box within a box within a box, etc.: but a final point comes + you have Valis, but what + who Valis is I have no idea. The Tao, YHWH, Cosmic Christ, Brahman, Shiva, Krishna, or a quantum mechanics phenomenon. Or Ruah, the spirit of God breathing creation into existence out of nothing - ex nihilo; you finally wind up with: non-being -the is-not- is real, + the "is" is only seeming, is not real. You open box after box + ascend the levels of being (esse, substantia, einai) + then you open the last one + it contains - nothing! + yet you're faced with the mystery or paradox that Ho On (for want of a better term) is actually right here + now, in the very trash at hand, not far away at all - the ultimate paradox in terms of your long search through level after level of being - he is at the initial least real (sic) level. You wind up back where you started, paradoxically. But now you know that this utterly worthless trash level -mere appearance- is somehow also Ho On, whom you seek. "The Buddha is a piece of toilet paper." "The Savior is a crushed beer can in the alley." Could this be the final great enantiodromia?

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