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on the very infinitude of my theories + saw (recognized) this as an instance of cosmogenic entropy; +, at last exhausted, prayed for release, + God did appear to me in theophany + took the field + blocked each + all theories, + ended my exegesis, not in defeat but in logical discovery of Him (which Satan had not foreseen). Thus intellect + knowledge on my part led to exhaustion + to destruction of that intellect + a recognition of the futility of what I was doing; I knew I knew nothing; + then God took the field + made his move that resulted in the enantiodromia that led me to him anyhow, as if I had wandered that way by chance; but it was his plan all along. + this was an instance of the dialectic that I had seen.

Finally I wind up with y=y; viz:Both these 2 following statements are true:
1) The intellect will not lead you to God.
2) The intellect will lead you to God.
I am left with this paradox, which Satan did not foresee; he saw only statement (1) + did not see how God could convert it into its mirror opposite through enantiodromia. Thus God works + wins within the fallen entropic creation of the disintegrating "splitting" dialectic to win vs me + all in the end, by different routes. Thus the cosmic game between God + his adversary continues on; here was another victory by God; + in the end God will convert the dialectic itself into its opposite (through enantiodromia) + the game will end + God's victory + Satan's defeat, which God's victory vis-a-vis me echoes in microform.

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