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In a certain sense it can be said that God's victory consists in turning Satan's false creation -i.e. Satan's lie + delusion- into the real, which is exactly what I saw Valis doing; transmuting reality by transubstantiation into the real. Here is the secret + perpetual + ever-growing victory by God over his adversary as he (God) defeats him (Satan) again + again in the game they play - the cosmic dialectic that I saw. This is enantiodromia at its ultimate: the conversion of the irreal to the real. In my case it was the conversion of "the human intellect will not lead to God but will lead only deeper + deeper into delusion" into its mirror opposite: "the human intellect, when it has pushed to infinity, will at last, through ever deepening delusion, find God". Thus I am saved; + know that I did not start out seeing God (2-3-74) (which led to this 6 1/2 year exegesis), [Note] but, instead, wound up finding God (11-17-80) - an irony that Satan did not foresee. + thus the wise mind (God) wins once again, + the game continues. But someday it will end.


[Note] See separate envelope notes dated 12/10/80 p 10 passim

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