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My flight expressed by the phosphene graphics was a movement faster + faster through cosmogenic-entropic time, ending in exhaustion + then the enantiodromia of entropic time - which had reached infinite velocity + infinite fragmentation ("splitting") which is to say the dialectic into negentropic time or synthesis, reintegration: hence I saw Valis [Note], the universe pulled through infinity, inside out, to freeze; this was 3-74.
My exegesis was entropic-cosmogenic time resuming, speeding up faster + faster, "splitting" (fragmenting) farther + farther. Finally, it, too, ended in infinite velocity + infinite fragmentation (creativity, expressed as ever newer + quicker theories); it ended in exhaustion + then the enantiodromia of entropic time -the dialectic of my thoughts- into negentropic time + another reintegration (this was 11-17-80). Only this time I did not see Valis [Note], there was a theophany, + I was in the presence of God + God's loving-kindness; whereupon He explained everything to me. So events leading up to 3-74 + my experience with Valis had a parallel in the dialectic of my exegesis leading to 11-17-80 + the theophany of the Christian God of Love. The common ingredients of the two flights were: the cosmogenic-entropy "splitting" dialectic flight itself, until infinite velocity (time) + fragmentation (space) were reached, then exhaustion, then enantiodromia into negentropic time + "freeze" (reintegration) of,

[Note] World, not God (as I had supposed)

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