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The Fall + our involvement in entropic time are one + the same thing. So to reverse time (enantiodromia) is to reverse + repair the Fall; then you are in time, but it is negentropic time: the flux world feeds into the metasomakosmos to complete it. There is integration rather than disintegration + you experience God or the Tao or (more accurately) Brahman.
Since reality in itself is morphologically arranged you can order time in either direction: entropic or negentropic. The latter relates you to God, the former cuts you off totally. This has nothing to do with astronomical time which is cyclical. But it does have to do with the explosion of the universe (Cosmos) as a whole: its expansion + entropy. So perhaps re-entry into negentropic time is only possible in the form of a one shot trip back over the lives you have lived; you must have lived them if you are to reverse time; to burn up Karma there must be Karma to burn up. But the outcome of this "moving against the stream" is a rectification of the primordial (phylogenic?) Fall. But once this is achieved I guess you return to "normal" entropic time - however, now you have burned up Karma + have seized control (by the deed) of your destiny.

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