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is in "Frozen Journey" when the memories (illusion fed to him) "resemble a child's semi-animate paint box" -- this is the occluding info life form, a child's toy: the referral is to Zagreus who is Zeus-Christ: i.e. God himself. The "semi-animate child's paint box" is Satan who tempts & seduces & lies. He makes himself appear beautiful to us (Christ).
Gnosticism is correct. World = Satan's power = occluding living info = pleasure. Whereas suffering -- & esp. the voluntary perception & understanding of suffering as an ontological category -- restores to us --reminds us of-- our original true Christ-nature; this is why suffering has the meaning for me that it does (I am Christos but, beguiled, have forgotten).
We are ensnared while still children by the occluding info life form, the Torah (Mosaic lex talionis: heimarmene).
Zina helping Emmanuel remember his own identity & task is -- the Salvator Salvandus: God aiding himself.
Suffering is the road to the Gnosis because it restores our memory of our nature & mission.
The info life form -- living info -- lies (to us). Thus it is said of Satan that "he is the liar".
Only when we can see suffering & degradation as beautiful -- more beautiful than beguiling pleasure -- are we [truly] saved: as when I saw Chrissy being sick.
The occluding info life form damps down our ability to meta-abstract by which we'd see it (as I did). Thus as the Gnostics say, it is man & God (Christ) against world, & "world" is the occluding, beguiling info life form that I saw. At Mt. Sinai we were handed over to the occlusion -- the Torah, by Yaldabaoth himself.

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