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created universe of matter, highly original and accurate. It (the view) discloses the deceptive nature of empirical reality -- Now I have had it revealed to me that this world is an impediment between us (man) and God.

In my writing I seek to abolish the world – the effect of which aids in our restoration to the Godhead. And this is what I did in 2-74 when I saw the Golden Fish; in a single moment of total knowledge (awareness of the true state of things) I withdrew my belief in what I customarily saw -- and it vanished, and the Christ/God continuum was disclosed -- ie the slice of bread on the other side of the ham sandwich. First for years I did it in my writing, and then in 2-74 I did it in real life, showing that my writing is not fiction but a form (eg "Maze," "Tears," "Ubik," etc) of revelation expressed not by me but through me, by (St) Sophia in her salvific work. What is in my work that is important is precisely nothing less than the salvific Gnosis (or parts of it anyhow).

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