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I am thinking back. Sitting with my eyes shut I am listening to "Strawberry Fields." I get up. I open my eyes because the lyrics speak of "going through life with eyes closed." I look toward the window. Light blinds me; my head suddenly aches. My eyes close and I see that strange strawberry ice cream pink. At the same instant knowledge is transferred to me. I go into the bedroom where Tessa is changing Chrissy and I recite what has been conveyed to me: that he has an undetected birth defect and must be taken to the doctor at once and scheduled for surgery. This turns out to be true.

What happened? What communicated with me? I could read and understand the secrete messages "embedded within the inferior bulk." I have been placed under God's protection. The advocate now represents me. I hear a far off quiet voice that is not a human voice; it -she- comforts me, in the dark of the night she tells me that "St. Sophia is going to be born again; she was not acceptable before." A voice barely audible. In my head. Later she tells me she is a "tutelary spirit," and I don't know what that word means. Tutor? I look it up. It means "guardian."

I dream that "Elias" is sunk in despair were I not to turn the Monopoly play money and gold watch I found over to the Mexicans in Placentia. Who is Elias? I look it up. It is the Greek form for Elijah. Monopoly Money - Gold Watch. Code - Capitalism. Why should Elijah despair if I fail to return the watch and money to their proper owners? What is at stake here? After I give the watch and money to the Mexicans I realize they came from

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