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and yet (as I say in the outline of VALIS REGAINED) Elijah's theophany at Mt. Horeb (Sinai) shows that YHWH can modulate his appearance as not to destroy the human percipient.

It was the O.T. that I read as a kid and prayed that God would speak to me. Not the N.T. God not Christ.

If God can/will modulate his theophanies so that they are endurable by humans, and there are such theophanies, what then is the need of a man-god Mediator? We can return to strict monotheism, as I spoke of in "Man, Android and Machine."

And there was that "excluded from the centers of power" dream in which the AI voice identified itself as YHWH.

Have I not always believed that Paul's doctrine of original sin is terrible and not acceptable to me? That it has done harm in human history, dreadful harm, whatever the intent? And I figured out that doctrine of the Vicarious Atonement --i.e. the purpose of the crucifixion-- rests on the doctrine of original sin.

In my revelations there are no N.T. designations, but at least three from the O.T. (YHWH twice and St. Sophia, the latter identified by the Rabbis with the Torah).

I'm stuck. Paulline Christianity is unacceptable to me because of the doctrine of original sin. Gnosticism is unacceptable because it is bitheistic and unnecessarily complex. Judaism is unacceptable because it rejects Jesus's teachings. The only way out for me is to (1) Consider that YHWH still manifests himself to humans and that this was Valis; and (2) the Torah is alive, and this is what the plasmate was. I have some basis for believing these because when Valis' mind fused with my mind Valis seemed to be the author of all changes and

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Here, PKD links the plasmate with the Torah.