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ing his blood so as to acquire his powers. In any case it is as archaic a practice as talion law. The Romans, for instance, considered it cannibalism. It is obviously related to the worship of Dionysus, which is a very barbaric and ancient practice. So is Christianity that much of a reformation, a radical and revolutionary new version, of Judaism?

And then there is the merit of the accusation that Christianity despite all its protestations to the contrary departs from actual monotheism. Will Durant thinks it does. It seems to be based on the worship of Hermes Tristmegistos. A Greek/Egyptian worship.

Okay; for now, the clincher. The EB macro article on Moses discusses the Hittite Covenant and says that Moses realized that it was the model/basis for the covenant between Israel and YHWH. Among other lesser (to me lesser anyhow) aspects was this: God had come to the rescue of the helpless Hebrews in Egypt, so it was basic to the covenant between Israel and God that the Hebrews protect widows, orphans, the poor, the stranger, the disadvantaged, as God has protected them (Rabbi Herz points out correctly that this even included animals; "Thou shalt not muzzle the ox as he treadeth out the corn"). Nothing could enrapture me more; nothing could be closer to my own heart.

Interestingly (to say the least) the reason the AI voice gave for heaven's intervention on my behalf in 3-74 had to do with my aiding the kids at Covenant House; i.e. the weak and disadvantaged and helpless, which fits in with the Hittite Covenant. It is in fact a perfect replication of the Hittite Covenant.

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