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of the world. By definition, the God of Gnosticism is transmundane, acosmic or even anticosmic & plays no role whatsoever in the Government of the world, now, pronoia in the sense of a suspension or overruling of regular natural law when it (the regular law) threatens the safety or welfare of a deserving individual, is part of the Government of the world; any & all conceptions of pronoia involved in the Government of the world, either directly -- as with Philo & his concept of miracle -- or indirectly, as with the Greco-Roman view of pronoia & heimarmene being one & the same.

Also, I am told by revelation that the intervention of 2-(3-74) (& it was intervention) was due to my own later act re Covenant House. But the transmundane Gnostic Deity has no interest in Torah or/& social justice, & surely my act had to do with torah &/or social justice, & these stem from YHWH the creator. If God is able to suspend natural law -- if he is the God of providence -- he is de facto active in the Government of the world. He exerts his mercy, wisdom & power here.

Perhaps the key word is the Greek term used by the AI Voice: Ditheon, (1) not "ditheism" but "ditheon" as in dialectic. this is Boehme's God, & Schelling's; God is a dialectic, with an irrational destructive will versus the "bright" or Logos side -- & the latter always wins. 2-3-74 was the latter, the Logos. (1) that is, it is one God (theon) but "Di" (the dialectic). This

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