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For instance, the atomist universe, being totally materialistic, banishes God, banishes nous + intent; these elements survived only in supernatural form in the revealed religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc). What is going on here is that there is no way what is taken to be rational thought + its empirical experience of world can be equated with God, providentia, teleology, etc., + thus the soul of man is sundered from what he takes to be reasonable. But if the continuum model returns -+ with it true cosmos- the divine providentia, teleology, etc. cease to be supernatural + revealed; they rejoin world as rationally understood + empirically correctly perceived. My 2-3-74 experience ceases to be miracle (suspension of the normal order) + is intelligible (as a matter of fact, 2-3-74 indicts the discontinuous matter model as probably faulty, but since I cannot prove 2-3-74 occurred I can prove nothing) 2-3-74 is the in-breaking of true cosmos into my idios kosmos, shattering forever (I discover) the possibility of my viewing the discontinuous matter model as veridical. Cosmos (in Pythagoras' sense of the term - + he did coin the term) exhibits order, growth, a high degree of structure + purpose + is both intelligent + alive, organism not mechanism.
But the power of the erroneous basis of atomism is so fundamental in us that (as I say supra) we are literally occluded first to continuum + then inexorably to cosmos - true cosmos. When in 3-74 I saw Valis I saw continuum, + the leap to cosmos (MMSK, as I called it) was inevitable, simply summing up the unitary totality that I experienced. All that I saw -linking + relinking, rest-motion, collage Gestalts, the MMSK itself, etc.- are probably aspects + ingredients of true cosmos. The information basis of reality (as I state in "Valis" "The universe is information") is the correct expression in it + by it of its condition of negentropy -what I call its "information metabolism"- since very recently we have come to view entropy as loss of information, + negetropy (order) as information. Cosmos, for the reasons given by Pythagoras, must maintain a high -if not ultimate- degree of order, +, this being the case, will show, upon

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immortal plasmate

The last few times I put in "meden" for a word that may be something else -- either PKD got sloppier with how he was writing "meden" or the word is different -- I could not find one in the Hussey book that matched though so it may be an English word of some sort.


I read it as "order".

immortal plasmate

yes! Thanks Pamela