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There is something terrible + terrifying throughout "Valis" + it is coupled with wisdom. Agape is not the topic: war, judgment + death are, carrying out in full the dream in "Tears". It is all very convincing. The novel partakes of epic greatness. Also it is a story of madness converted into faith through -due to- suffering. But this suffering itself pertains to death, to slaying. Slaying: that is the basic theme of "Valis": + Shiva is the correct name for the deity.
It is a very strong novel + a great, great one, a true epic of the human soul + spirit. But it deals with judgment + war + death.
Slaying, not healing. The slaying even spreads out to include Sophia, who is the savior; the awful awesome power of YHWH is told of: it breaks out in all its destructiveness. Thus (I say) my 2-74-2-75 experience was that of Jakob Boehme + the dialectic in which the demonic power within God was revealed, + only the "bright" side of the dialectic -i.e. wisdom, Logos- confines the "dark" or demonic side to slaying the wicked + thus sparing the sheep. So (finally) I say: my experience was Boehme's, + it was of God himself, + he is terrible but just.

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