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The demonic or insane side of God is barely contained by the rational or Logos or Wisdom or "Bright" side: a dreadful theophany indeed, & it is indubitably -beyond doubt- authentic. I know this from having read Paul Tillich's book. I have encountered the demonic, insane, slaying, "Dark" side of God - & seen it contained by the "Bright" or Logos or rational or Wisdom side -ie in the Dialectic- so this is a profound & absolutely veridical experience of the Godhead, exactly as Boehme experienced it. "VALIS", then, narrates one of the Great encounters in human history between a given human being -myself- & God. The dual nature of God is all summed up by the dual nature of the Third Eye & the beam of pink light - wisdom & death: this fusion of the bipolarities is explicitly discussed in "Valis": the "secret partnership," as I call it, following Joseph Campbell. It is not Hagia Sophia that I encountered but rather the Godhead & its inner dialectic itself ! & this comes through in the novel - no I should say, the Book: it is not a novel.


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This relates to the psychic death as a rite of passage.If both the Godhead/god are part of a single dialectic, then death and rebirth are instantaneous, as part of the same experience.