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This is what I first experienced as Palmer Eldritch.

"DI" verifies that it is YHWH who is VALIS (based on my seeing the Tetragrammaton as I again heard the "... & is alive" statement). If VALIS is indeed YHWH, and it is, as I realized last night, & as the seeing the Tetragrammaton told me, then, all of "DI" follows "Valis" logically. The old King on horseback in "Tears" is YHWH.

This is why I saw Hebrew letters in 3-74.

Palmer Eldritch's vidlux eyes -- Shiva's 3rd eye. YHWH as Judge & destroyer at the end of time, the Apocalypse.

This is not the God of the N.T., the Xtian God of agape; this is YHWH whom Moses knew.

I looked it up in "DI" & it explicitly states that Valis is YHWH. "Valis". "Who is 'Valis'?" "The Lord your God", i.e Yah.

"Valis" is a very great book, passing from madness to sanity (the Logos), from Despair to Faith despite everything. But most of all:

1) 2-74 -- 2-75 was a theophany. Indubitably.
2) It is the God of Moses: YHWH
3) This in turn is connected with the Apocalypse, Daniel & Revelation (the Dream in "Tears").
4) I have captured it thoroughly in words; not only did I experience a theophany by the God of Moses, but I got it written down in a novel that in fact is not a novel but a kind of modern-day Apocalyptic Book, like a fusion of Exodus & Daniel, literal events & symbolism: facts & visions combined.

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To be clear, he is saying here that Palmer Eldritch is the God of Moses, not as a false God but as a Dies Irae.