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Pertaining to YaldaBaoth & the trans-mundane God. The formulation is my own. However, I now discover from reading Paul Tillich, they are derived from a line of thought (revelation) deriving from Jakob Bohme & pertaining to the inner dynamic life of God -- specifically the identifying the rational side with the Logos & I knew that my formulation of the Dialectic wasn't Gnostic because I remember telling Charles Platt that it was a formulation original with me. It isn't, but at the time I didn't know that. Thus in "Valis" even when I speak of Gnosticism & deal with Gnosticism as the conceptual framework I am in fact dealing with some else & something more.

Christ -- as holy wisdom & the Logos -- saves us from the irrational will side of God -- as expressed in my "James-James" dream. That God could be split in twain and divided against himself -- this is the theme of "DI" is it not? I guess Emmanuel (in "DI") is the irrational will (of the creator) and Zina is holy wisdom or Logos, the "Bright" side.

Hypnopompic visions: We live over & over but because it is erased each time, this paradox results: it is als ob only one time (that is it is again & again & it is but once. So Xtianity is true -- & also the pan-Indian doctrine of reincarnation is true; both are equally so. Now, this is a linear journey, & it is eternal (goes on & on forever) until we are saved. & when we are saved we are lifted up

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