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saved. so it was YHWH in me, the God of Moses, Valis is YHWH. But also it has to do with the Platonist elements of anamnesis, reincarnation, the intellect, the Forms; so these two elements are both equally true & equally necessary. YHWH (which I have always called the "Xtian element"); & the several Platonist elements (anamnesis, reincarnation, & the Forms -- which is to say reason -- the meta-abstraction).; thus neither alone will suffice. It is a world constructed along Platonist-metaphysics lines, but it is a world created by & governed by YHWH, & our salvation is due to His Grace; so reason (noesis) & Grace are both equally necessary & both were equally involved in my salvation in 2-74. & it was salvation & I did remember a past life. & we do live over & over but forget (& so, paradoxically, live but once). & there was a superimposition of two spacio-temporal continuum; I was saved by YHVH -- Valis is YHVH -- by & through His Grace, & this was due to an act, a voluntary act of Piety on my part -- due, then to merit, to a little extent; & there was one object seen at two times & two places, & this one object is Moses Maimonides's "Guide to the Perplexed". When I read it when I was 21 years old I was rereading it -- & my process of salvation -- the rope pulley -- was thus set in motion by a natural event (anamnesis & noesis), & by YWHW's intervention (Valis), His Grace & all this was revealed to me tonight by Him, due to his Love & Mercy.

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