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The color, musical score, math triune info: like an illuminated manuscript from the Medieval period. Ach: I have always said that the plasmate info (e.g. King Felix) looked like an illuminated letter, suggesting that the idea of an illuminated letter was derived from a perception of the plasmate. Color, coded in as an essential integral part. So here, the illuminated letter or word becomes musical annotation (which adds the element of music) + at fixed ratio intervals (math): {illustration of musical annotation} But the 4th note doubles back, + what is formed is the log spiral of the Fibonnaci numbers. The colors signal the phosphenes of the receiver + so are so-to-speak read backward, i.e. in terms of their phosphene analogs. A pure concept is conveyed using no words; all three axes are nonverbal(music, math ratios, color).
Pythagoras, phosphenes, symbiote biochip, mycelia, vine, circulatory system.
But by stimulating the appropriate phosphenes, then pure energy + not light is used. (Radiation instead of photons). Being non-verbal, the information is "lingua franca" like math itself (which would be why math is the ideal inter-species language; it is not -like words- arbitrary. Studying the above diagram, one can see that objective structure lies at the basis of it. Position is involved (where the unit is); frequency (quantitative; both are quantitative). Color can also be quantitative (millimicrons, as with Hertz: audio frequency: color is to light as pitch is to sound). (That is, fixed, exact, precise; + both are correlates of math ratios + interval. Purely quantitative info transfer is ideal.
The cypher verification were sequencing, which has to do with pattern + pattern completion (A:B::B:x - solve for x, etc).
The phosphenes sever color from light-as-such + cosign it to e.g. radiation (energy), a broader category. "God as light + love." (The "Commedia.")

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I would like to suggest that there are here allusions to the nature of holograms, especially when PKD refers to position and frequency.