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We (1) don't have a long enough present -- perceptual memory -- & (2) it needs to be seen speeded up. It is thinking, & and its thoughts are physical information. This may be Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point. Or is it, as I long ago surmised, an invader & camouflaged in our reality? a Macro-organism!

Everything hinges on the question of whether it creates reality or has invaded it. No; wrong. Consider Jn 1. It could be the wisdom-word entering its own creation & expanding. It talks (i.e. the AI Voice) about St. Sophia & YHWH. & I heard the bells, & the animals changed.

Just the one dream alone - the Messenger dream. & the dream about the Citadels of Power long ago having fallen to the darkness.

All my speculation, in my books, which resemble it, deal with God, not ETIs: viz: Ubik. Specifically Ubik & also "Stigmata" & "Faith of". In view of this I find for St. Sophia-Logos-YHWH, not ETI or UTI. Plus the Biblical material in "Tears".

The Theophany in "Ubik" is of an information entity made up of YHWH & his wisdom(Christ), word(Logos) & "I am" (i.e. YHWH). I may have put "word" in deliberately, but I didn't know about the "I am" referring to the Tetragrammaton. & in the "He has been transplanted" colloquy it showed me the Tetragrammaton.

Is there any possibility that the God who created us was unable to bring us fully alive, & our "second birth" is another deity (Christ) who brings us fully alive? In which case the law and the elemental-planetary-powers are the dim, mechan[ical]

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I take it the libran-looking symbol is the noosphere? also the page trails off, and the last word is cut. Peace.

Unteleported Man

The symbol looks like the Greek letter Omega, so it may refer to the "Omega Point".


Yes! it is the Omega Point symbol - I spent some time at Arcosanti & Paolo Soleri was always referring to it!