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no wonder I sensed Diana, Queen of the fairies, & sensed fairyland!

It's "I am" vs Diana's magic -- what I saw through the 1:.618034 door! Masc vs feminine; the AI voice & Christ are female (Shekhina).

2 sides of God? Solar? Lunar?

Of the two I prefer the Kingdom -- But: what if, to be in it, you have to be enchanted? If it's bipolarized to sein, do I still prefer it?

The secret known by the early Xtians : how to induce the secretion of a Mescalin-like auto-toxin, which I did, probably due mainly to stress & fear & awareness of imminent death -- plus the pentathol, plus the Gold Fish sign. Once this Mescalin auto-toxin is secreted, you find yourself in another realm : the Kingdom (re Castaneda.)

Apollo vs Dionysos

9:30 insight : the true Xtians (in abolishing the Law & the elemental powers) abolished the structure that keeps reality together. This is what the Messenger did. They abolished the hold reality had over them ("receiving the spirit") but this would short-circuit reality per se, or anyhow portions thereof. This is what I saw that I called
Valis. It was a

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Divine Invasion material! PKD is perceptive of brain chemistry / 3rd eye / DMT secretions via psychoactive entheogens/sacred initiation/death. Sweetly synchronistic on a personal note - I live in Mt. Elphinstone, and "play" Q of the faeries!


Found PKD use of the German "sein" - "being" in Transmigration of Timothy Archer