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the answers to every person's & people's problems are contained" isn't workable; it turns out in practice to be rigid & to stray from the path of true Justice in favor of gratuitous punishing. If (as has been said by Philo e.g.) the Torah is alive it is apparently an ossified mind.

So the message of Xtianity includes : the system as it stands is unfair, although it admittedly is reality. Unhappily, it exists. But for the creatures living in it it is an unmerited tribulation, & remedy should be sought for (& is available). Yet, if Grace, which initiates the 8-step salvific process listed above, comes from God, then YHWH himself has inserted remedy into the mechanism, & chooses those he would spare or rescue.

So I was absolutely right as to what Valis was doing (resetting causal trains to zero).
It's a pretty staggering experience to see reality amended before your eyes. & it's even more serious because it would seem that the Creator himself has been overruled. But suppose you reason that the overruler is the Creator amending the mechanism he originally set up. JN1 makes this clear. It is not the Creator who has outlived its usefulness, but the Law & elemental powers. The overruler is the pristine Creator; where else would Christ get such powers? But it doesn't say much for creation if the best thing that can happen to you is

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who/what is JNI? last paragraph

Unteleported Man

I believe it is JN1, i.e. John 1.