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in a weary blinding flash I just realized how all 3 revelations fit
together reinforcing each other :
1) the true Xtians are illegal ( 2-74)
2) "He is going to be born" - more specifically, transplanted.
"He" turns out to be YHWH. Therefore he had not been here.
3) God has been forced out of all the centers of power on
Earth, civil, & religious & must work with "peripheral" people
like me. & I will be told what to do by the A I voice.

Harnack's view is that in the first century A.D. God entered
history. In truth, in the first century A.D. God _left_ history.
This sums it up. There was a turning point, but the wrong way.
The proof is that God fell silent, even for the Jews. God has
been silent for 2000 years. Well, I have tried for almost six years
to find a precedent for my experience, & failed. Except in the O.T.
i.e. 2100 years ago.

God "instilled" an early Xtian in me, in a "peripheral" person.

This makes ["VR"] much more important than "V." That's
incredible. It's as simple as that. In the first century A.D. God
left human history instead of entering it. 180 degree different
story, & told in ["VR."] Doesn't anyone think it's strange that God
abruptly fell silent just at the time he supposedly entered human

Wow - in ["VR"] I say, "The return of YHWH to Earth will be regard as
the birth of a monster baby"! It's all totally turned around (as in
"The Omen," etc).

Look at the prejudice against YHWH as expressed by e.g. Will Durant,
the Gnostics, by me. I only lost it when I read up on Martin Buber.

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